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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Statement of Purpose

Hello. I'm Matt. And this is my blog.

I've been talking about making a blog for a while, but my innate laziness has always prevented me. That's one of my problems: I talk big, but rarely follow through. But finally, I'm bored enough and have little to do in life that a blog sounds like a good idea. So, my friends, I welcome you to Gainesville Ramblings.

A little bit about me: I'm 21 and I've just graduated from UF with a degree in history (it’s not a major anymore!). Due to me being a moron, getting engaged after a seven month relationship and breaking it off about two weeks before graduation, I decided living in Gainesville for another year while I get my shit together was probably my best option. Considering the only other option was living at home, this makes sense.

Unlike most of my friends, I managed to find a job pretty quickly. I attribute this to luck and knowing the ins and outs of the UF administrative bullshit more than anything like hard work and persistence. I'm working at the Office of Technology Licensing as something I like to call 'Office Bitch.' In other words, I do whatever they tell me to do. But I'm getting paid well to do it, so at least I'm smiling when they give me orders.

I'm liberal, fairly political, and pretty knowledgeable about current events and international politics. I want to work for the State Department, maybe go to law school, and maybe get into politics later (hey, Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State).

So now here comes the important question since I have you reading this (all none of you): What is this, and what am I going to talk about? Basically, it’s going to be a weird combination of blog types. There will be quite a bit of politics talked about, with a bit of Bush bashing. I'll talk about my life on occasion, tell amusing incidents, or maybe I just feel like writing an essay on Lost or the importance of flossing (only one of these will actually be written about). Interesting links, funny pictures and videos, all of this will be here.

But this is also going to be my writing time. I took Writing and Love during sophomore year, and the teacher, the great Vikram Rangala, told us to write every day. For a large chunk of that class, I did just that. And my writing improved an incredibly amount. I stopped about 3/4ths through the class, and my writing has been very slowly degrading since. So now that I don't have to worry about classes or the Frat, I can write. This is it. I hope you enjoy.


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