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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bourbon in the Backseat

Continuing on the theme of drinking in the car:

Its a minor tradition to drink bourbon, and particularly W.L. Weller brand, while watching 24. As this weekend featured the four hour, two night premiere of the sixth season, I made sure to stop by ABC on Saturday and pick up a handle. I had two bourbon and cokes on Sunday, and one more on Monday, which didn't put too much of a dent in the bottle. So I grabbed it and threw it into the foot well of my backseat and drove off.

The entire drive back, I got whiffs of bourbon, but I figured it might be some liquor that i spilled on my shorts, or had leaked out around the edges of the cap. I pulled into a parking space in front of my apartment, reached back for the bottle, and stuck my hand directly into a two inch puddle of bourbon.

It took me nearly an entire roll of paper towels to get most of the liquor absorbed, but a significant quanitity was left in the dark red carpets, wafting its smell throughout my car. For the most part, I like the smell of bourbon. It has a smokey, woody odor to it that seems fairly distinguished. But that much that quickly can be overwhelming.

I left my windows cracked all last night and today. I came home, and pretty much as soon as I turned the corner into my parking lot, I could smell the piercing odor of warm liquor on the air. I went by my car and found myself almost overwhelmed. I made it into my apartment without passing out, and asked Dave if he had smelled that.

"All day," he said. "You could smell it every time the wind blow the wrong direction."

Until the right backseat is completely dry and I can dump a bottle of Febreeze on it, its a smell I'm going to have to live with. And now I live in dread of getting pulled over by the police, as will inevitably happen now. Me trying to explain to an officer why my car and I reek of bourbon is not a conversation I look forward to, but one I will try like hell to record when it happens. Cause the comedy potential is near endless, especially if I end up getting arrested. That may call for pictures.

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