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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trivia Night

One thing I missed about Gainesville while I was gone was the sheer number of people I can call and bother to do something. Even better is when they call me. Amos IMed me and invited me out to Trivia Night at Hooters. I said yes, cause my other options were staying home and...staying home. There's only so much Tiger Woods 2005 one can take.

One benefit to being a history major is that basically, your entire education consists of useless trivia. When you combine that knowledge with my natural affinity for remembering the most pointless information, you get someone who should be very good at trivia. And I am. As I was telling my friend Kelly the other day, I'm a small demigod of trivia. I'm way down in the pantheon, but I'm there.

Our team did fairly well, though we didn't win, place, or show. I think I was responsible for a good third of the answers, though I did fuck up a few times. The biggest of which was when I said that there was no possible way the music clip they played was Jewel's Save Your Soul. It was but in my defense, how the hell was I supposed to know that that song had a bass solo?

There are problems with the event though. The first of which is that its at Hooters. That place always creeps me out a little. I like looking at attractive girls as much as the next guy, but the Hooters Girls then want to talk to you. Talking to pretty girls, especially ones I don't know, has never been my forte, so I tend to become real uncomfortable, real quick.

My other main complaint that they try to make it an event, with handless beer chugging contests, wing eating contests, making guys sing "I'm A Little Teapot," that sort of thing. Frankly, I don't care. I came to answer general knowledge questions and hang out with my friends. Everything else is just creating more noise.

Tomorrow, I'll answer everyone's questions about my new job. Cause I'm getting the same ones over and over again.


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