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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reflections on Football

1. I like being grill master. At the tailgate, I threw myself into the task, grilling burgers and hotdogs. I know, not the hardest thing in the world, but it was fun. Everyone was asking me if I was hot standing over the grill, and my response was, "What are you talking about? Its beautiful out." And to quote Michael, "I like you as grill master. Your alot less of an asshole than the others who do it." Truely, that was one of my goals in life.

2. I've thought this for a while, but Gator fans have it all wrong when it comes to making noise. The Swamp can be incredibly loud, but we tend to do it at the wrong times. People start yelling and shouting when the opposing offense lines up to run thier play. This is a good time to be loud, espeically when an audible is run. But the best time is when they're in the huddle. That strikes me as the most likely time for someone to make a mistake, to hear something wrong. True, I've never actually been in a huddle, so I don't know if its mostly nonverbal, but if one lineman hears the play wrong, or one receiever misunderstands his route, then things look up for us.

3. The defense was dominating. I would have liked more pressure on the quarterback, but when you have a backfield that dominating, it makes up for it. We had trouble stopping the run, but hopefully Meyer will put our two starting tackles back in, which will help with that considerably.

4. Our O-line is not good. Leak can work under pressure, but he was almost constantly harrassed. Southern Miss' defense is good, but not outstanding. Against an Alabama or a LSU, we could be in serious trouble. Hopefully, they become more comfrontable after this game and are able to hold thier own. My feeling is that they will remain UF's weak link, but maybe they won't be an incredibly weak one.

5. Can everyone just shut the hell up about Chris Leak? He did amazing this game, especially with the previously mentioned weak O-line. Its great that people cheered when Tebow came on, and when he scored, but to hear chants of "Chris Leak Blows" or "Leak Sucks" is just horrible. Tebow is going to be really good, no doubt. But Leak is more experienced and better overall. Don't forget, Tebow screwed up when he was put out at first, leading to a 5-yard penalty and a wrong formation. The fact that he was able to recover from that speaks well for his ability and talent. But Leak is the best quarterback. Don't forget that.

6. My favorite moment was after Tebow scored his touchdown. Leak ran out onto the field, Tebow jumped on him, and they hugged. It speaks well for the mentality of the team that two competing quarterbacks can be excited for each other and be friends.

7. Second favorite moment: Reggie Lewis' interception return. He ran all the way to the left of the field, then ran all the way back to the right. But what I loved best was another player (I don't remember who) who was next to him, waving for Lewis to follow him. For some reason, I found that really funny.


At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to sit through that flogging outnumbered at least 50 to 1. Damn Gators.... Okay I'm not really that mad my sister's a gator and I love her, like Florida football just not when their playing my school.

Gamma Chi 216


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