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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This Week on Campus: Maps, Freshmen, and Quiet

This is the first in a (hopefully) weekly series that documents the sights and sounds on the University of Florida campus. More just a way for me to document my impressions of whats going on, and hopefully a chance to develop my snark skills. Also, I plan on making this post photo heavy (once I get my camera up and running), so it won't just be me talking.

But until then, here's the scene on campus:

The most common sight on campus these week is the confused freshman, holding a printout of thier schedule in one hand and a campus map in the other. Often they're in pairs or groups, all huddled around a map, trying despretely to figure out what the hell building 'NPB' is. And they were everywhere. You couldn't take three steps without seeing one blindly cross your path.

And until tomorrow, the other thing you can hear on campus is silence. Turlington Plaza is empty. The Plaza of the Americas doesn't have chants ringing through it. The Reitz Union is abandoned, the few people who are there scurry through it like theres an impending gun fight.

I always enjoy an empty campus. The quiet and the solitude allow me to enjoy the campus. I find there's nothing like sitting in Turlington Plaza when no ones there. A walk through an empty Plaza of the Americas is always enough to make me smile and relax. An empty campus is one of the unspoken bonuses of taking classes during the summer. It allows you to actually experience the campus and go exploring.

But tomorrow, that changes. The masses decend. And the fun begins

Is less philosophical news, the ear has not improved. I pray that I can actually hear out of it tomorrow. That would be, you know, nice. Also, the ear somehow prevents me from sleeping, so I got something like three hours of rest last night. The rest was spent on the couch watching Firefly. A good show, but I probably would have liked to sleep more.

Don't forget, party on Friday. Talk to me if you need details.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Megan said...

Haven't you already graduated?
Yeah, I clearly recall sitting through four hours of extremely mind-numbing ceremony.
Get over UF.
=P Love.


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