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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yes, there were in fact snakes on that plane.

Oh boy, were there. Lots and lots o' snakes. It was fun. Not good by any means, but a lot of fun.

They say it takes a few weeks to adjust to moving to a new place. To sort things out, get your life together and make new friends. But why am I experiencing these things when moving back into a town that I've lived in for four years? I left for two months, and I feel slightly out of place, slightly out off kilter. And feeling this way only makes me feel even more wrong. It’s a vicious cycle.

There are a few reasons that I can think of. The first is, obviously, work. I'm here in Gainesville under completely different circumstances. I can't stay out late, get drunk, or do really stupid things. I have to be at work at 8AM, which limits the old patterns.

Another is that a lot of my anchors that I relied on earlier are gone. For the past year, I didn't stress out too much because I had a girlfriend. So I wasn't worried about going out, looking good or impressing anyone. With that gone, I'm suddenly more aware of a breakout of pimples or the weight I'm gaining. Combined with many people being out of town, I'm suddenly flailing around, trying to find again that support I had before. It wasn't easy for me to establish that support in the beginning. I’m hoping it'll be quicker this time around.

Finally, there’s this feeling I have that I want something different. I'm not saying I want out of Gainesville. I like it here. But I think I need to look around, find other groups or other activities. I mentioned a while ago that I want to try D&D again. I need to get back into rock climbing. I want more friends who do more things.

Oh well, I'll give it till next week, when everyone's back in town, and see how things feel. Until then, we soldier on.

Also - Party next Friday to celebrate both mine and Rachel's B-day. Kegs and Hunch Punch. Also: Awesomeness.


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