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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where the hell is Matt?

That's a question you could have asked today. I may have been standing in front of you, but I certainly wasn't there. Which made finding this all the more enjoyable:

God, I wish I could do that. But do you know what, I will. And soon. OK, soonish.

Waking up so early today meant two things: 1) Acting like a zombie (and yet still getting praised for doing my work so quickly) and 2) Feeling sick. Whenever I'm sick, or approaching a state of sickness, I feel a certain way. For some reason, my gastrointestinal system is what always ends up feeling worst. I burp and fart constantly, my stomach hurts, and I always feel like I'm hungry. Combine that with the constant attempts by my eyes to close and never open again, and today was an eventful day.

But I have found the solution. I have NyQuil. I shall take a double dose, and me and consciousness shall part ways, never to meet again. At least for ten hours.


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