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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Reflections on Football: Shutout Edition

1) OK, I really really like being grill master. I'm not giving the spatula up. And also, I get to use it for self gain. Two good looking girls came up to the grill asking if we were selling hotdogs. I said no, but since I'm a nice guy, I gladly volunteered to cook them two. We talked for a bit, I gave them hotdogs, and they left. Nothing exciting, I know, but the prospect for future gains for slaving over a fire are there. Also, Matt's new grill is amazing. I prefer charcoal, but this propane one was one of the nicer ones I've cooked with.

2) I really really hope that people stop talking about how great Tebow is now and how we need to dump Leak. Cause in this game, I saw Leak being near perfect. Calm, collected, throwing amazing passes left and right, finding his recievers, and not afraid to run when he had to. Tebow was also good at running, but everything else needed work. When he was comfrontable in the pocket, he could throw fine. When he wasn't, he made mistakes. One fumble, one interception, and a collection of bad calls. I said it last week and I'll say it again: Tebow will be amazing. He isn't now. Leak is the much better quarterback. Lets stick with him.

3) Tebow may have made mistakes, but that was OK because our defense more than made up for it. I mentioned last week how the d-line suffered from a Meyer suspending the two starting tackles from the game. This week, they were back, and it showed. When our starting D was in, UCF was unable to move. Period. It just wasn't happening. Our offense is good, but our Defense is amazing.

4) Concerning UCF: Give it time. Central Florida has a very good coach in O'Leary (he was hired by Notre Dame once). He knows what he's doing, and he's doing the best with what he has. UCF may never be at UF, FSU or Miami's level, but I have no doubt that they will be good, and sooner rather than later. They weren't up to playing the Gators yet, but very few teams are. We are ranked 7 (last I checked, that may have changed). Also, I agree with my friend Josh: the school should have remained Florida Tech. UCF is kinda stupid. Florida Tech reminds us of schools like Georgia Tech and Texas Tech. Central Florida reminds one of schools like Eastern Michigan or Western Carolina. Not a good group to be in, football wise (well, academically too).

5) I'm fairly surprised at the civility that reigned before the game. There were alot of UCF fans wandering around, and everyone was very friendly. I think on the UCF side, it was due to the happiness of being playing UF and being in Gainesville. Tailgates here are fun. On the Gator side, it was because the outcome of the game was never in any doubt. So you might as well be friendly. Plus, just about everyone at UF knows someone who went to UCF, so that makes it easier too.


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