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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank You, Sylvester Croom

Here in Gainesville, there are appear to be three hobbies: Drinking, Cheering for the Gators, and making fun of Ron Zook.

That third hobby just got alot easier.

There are many parts of this article that are rife with comic potential. For example, Zook's claim that he could have won at National Championship last year if he hadn't been fired. Right.

Or maybe this quote:
"[Zook] says eating and sleeping are a waste of time," Mitchell said. "He says
if you sleep fast, you can sleep less. I still don't understand that one."

But I think my favorite is the last quote in the article:
"I love to be home just like the next guy," Zook said. "I've got children, too.
But my children are happier when we're winning."

First thought: What an ass.

Second thought: His kids aren't that happy, are they?

Third thought: I hate this man so much.


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