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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Think of Me at Lunch on Thursday...

...For I shall be eating with a fork. Yes, that is right my friends. A fork. And I'll be able to sit back in my chair and talk as I eat. And choose what I put in my fat, disgusting mouth. It'll be awesome!

As for how life is going here at Officer Candidate School, for the first time, I can say its going...good. And it feels really weird to be writing that. But don't start thinking that I'm liking this place. I don't, and probably never will. But I can now say that this is not the most miserable time or place that I've experienced. Its only like the 5 or 6th now.

So what has made things so good? Quite simply, its free time. I suddenly find myself at many times with nothing to do. So I read books or go surf the net, or get work done that doesn't need to be done for weeks yet.

The free time came about due to a change in status. After Monday morning's Out-PFA, we were done with everything we are required to do to graduate. There are other things to do, but no more graded evolutions. No more morning PT. No more classes. No more defined chow times. We were left to out own devices, to sink or swim on our own. And then, on Tuesday, we found out our 'billets,' or jobs that we would be doing for the next three or four weeks. I'm Regimental Med Body, which means my job is to take care of sick and injured people who pile up in OCS.

This may sound tough, but really, its not. I spend about 2 hours every morning making sure everyone who needs to go to sick call makes it there and gets taken care of. And then I need about 30 minutes at night to put the paperwork together for the next day. And other than that...I'm done. I'm finished. I'm complete. So I have books to read, slideshows to make, presentations to put together. And naps to take. Wonderful, wonderful naps.

Its actually really confusing, because for the last 8 weeks, I've been required to be busy. I wasn't given another choice. But then this week, I'm sitting around. I felt guilty. Heck, I still feel guilty. Some people are working really hard, and others ( are not. I offer to help, but theres really not a whole lot for me to do. So I sit in my room, close the door, and try not to be noticed.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. I'm heading back to base in about an hour, gotta put in a few hours of work, and then sleep. Precious, precious sleep. I'm sitting in Panera right now, and looking around. This is apparently the place all the local college girls go to study and eat on Sundays, and I'm enjoying myself immensely with this fact. I'm not used to girls having hair and trendy and good looking clothes anymore. Its strange. I was supposed to go out last night and enjoy this fact, but since I fell asleep at 8pm (I'm sorry, 2000), I missed out. I'm not complaining actually. Females will always be there. Sleep is needed now.

Also, I now have my cell phone on me at all times (perks of the job), so if you want to get a hold of me, or just find yourself bored, feel free to give me a call. I can't always guarantee that I can talk, but most of the time, I can.

Looking forward to seeing you all,


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