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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bullshit I say! (and a small treatise on Quiznos)

Got some rather disheartening news today: my first paycheck will be coming on August 4th. That's nearly three weeks from today. Current bank balance: $213. I have maybe $50 bucks on my Applebee's pay card. This is going to be tough.

I'd like to say that I can't believe that the bureaucracy of UF would be that inefficient that it would take all of last week and parts of this week to finally get me on the payroll. But I can't even type that without cracking a smile. The scary thing is that I think UF is a pretty efficient place for the type and size of an organization that it is. Makes me scared to see other Universities.

If it starts looking desperate next week, I can always go sell my plasma. I'd rather not, as I like my body fluids. But if it’s a choice between eating and having a needle rather uncomfortably shoved into my arm for an hour, the decision is easy.

So resolutions: Don't eat out. Ever. Maybe by not going to restaurants for so long, I can break myself of the habit I got to in college of never cooking. But let me tell you, on August 5th, once the upcoming huge paycheck is safely in my bank account, I'm thinking Newberry's. Mmmmm....Baby Backs.

Also, try not to drive. I have maybe half a tank left. If I stretch it, I can maybe make that last two weeks. And with the cheapest gas in town being 2.98 on Sunday (and who knows what it is today), filling my tank would put a significant dent in my remaining funds.

Before this afternoon, I thought I was going to get paid next Friday, which is much more doable. So for lunch, I decided I would go to the Hub. The new Quiznos opened up today, and I have one suggestion: Do Not Go There. They were slow and disorganized, as one can only assume they would be on their first day. But once I actually got my food (20 minutes after I ordered it), my first thought was...this is it? For the money I paid, there needed to be a lot more sub. Oh well, its not like I'm eating there for another three weeks anyways.


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