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Friday, July 28, 2006

Writing for Writing's Sake

One of the main reasons for having this blog is so that I can write. Practice makes perfect with most things, and writing's no different. The problem is that for the last week, my life has been pretty boring. So trying to find somethign to write has been very very hard. So tonight, I'm writing whatever comes to mind.

1) Do I talk too much? I never would have thought to ask that question four years ago. I was quiet and barely out of my shell. Now, after the crucible of college, I don't seem to shut up. The problem I think I may have is that I don't give other people the space, time, or attention to talk. Instead, I just flow over them. I think I've been noticing that a bit recently, but I started thinking about it after running into Jason today. We talked and walked around campus for a while during my lunch break, and I found myself talking for most of the time. Is that cause I'm not letting him talk, or that he's letting me talk.

I guess its good that I'm noticing it, at least. Recognition is the first step to elimination. So I'll try to be better, but if anyone notices me doing that, don't be afraid to punch me. Hard.

2) A bunch of people are spending the weekend in the amazing town of Kansas City (that was sarcasm, there) for Phi Sig's Grand Chapter. While I had fun at Grand Chapter, I'm very glad I don't have to be there. Probably because I'll feel obligated to do work, then get conned by Cush into attending business ("If I have to sit through that boring stuff, at least sit with me so we can make fun of everyone"), and then my drunkenness level would diminish.

3) I realized on the bus ride home while reading Imperial Hubris that I know next to nothing about the Civil War. Nothing. I know some of the poltical and economic background, but nothing of the war itself. With the constant illusions, even today, to the battles of that war, I feel like I'm missing a large part of American History. So now I need to find Bruce Catton's Army of the Potomac (all three volumes of it) and see what it has to teach me. Hey, it influenced Orson Scott Card (who it ends up, was born on birthday), so it can't be all bad. Except if it turns me into a reactionary conservative fuckhead. Then that'd be bad.

4) Just saw Clerks 2. Have to say that it was actually one of Kevin Smith's better efforts. The cinematography was good (especially for Smith's standards), the writing was probably some of the best he's done, and the acting and directing was very good. Plus, its hilarious, but still managed to have a lot of soul and heart. I give it my highest rating: Fun and Good.


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