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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Life: A Review

If posts have been getting sporadic, it’s because my life these past few days hasn't been very interesting. I spent the weekend doing housework, errands, watching DVDs, and occasionally going out. But here's the lowdown (as if you cared).

I mentioned that I saw Clerks Two on Friday, and I still stand by my rating of Fun and Good. The movie was very very funny, if in a very very crass way. In particular, I enjoyed the scene where there was an argument over which was a better series: Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. But it was also pretty poignant. The climatic scene had some of the best writing Kevin Smith's done, while still breaking the tension occasionally with humor. I think I may have enjoyed the movie more than most, but that’s for very personal reasons that I'm not going to be getting into here.

By the way, if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, check out this post in his blog. It’s pretty funny, but the sound clip of him arguing with film critic Joel Siegel is awesome.

Saturday, I did two things worth talking about: I got a library card and I went to an Anything But Clothes Party with Jackie and her friend Dia. About the library card, I thought it was about time I stopped using the expense of books as an excuse to read the same books over and over again. There's the added benefit that the Gainesville Library is one of the best I've ever seen. It’s a cathedral to books, which is an architectural statement I can get behind. Plus, I discovered they have a whole section devoted only to Science Fiction. My nerdy heart went a-flutter when I walked in there. The one downside to getting a library card: I have never felt so much like a twelve year old since I was, well, twelve.

The Anything But Clothes party was interesting, especially as I did not go in theme. Its weird walking around in normal clothes while everyone else is wearing paper bags and shower curtains (and one girl, who demonstrated a daring use of duck tape). I knew maybe three people there, and usually in those situations I would be going around, meeting people, so on and so forth. But Saturday, I was not feeling it at all. I may have been tired, or maybe it was my lack of costume. But I just wasn't feeling like myself. Oh well, lets move on.

I got a call on Saturday from Cush, asking if I could pick him up at the airport on Sunday night. Unfortunately, the flight flew into Orlando and landed at 10:55pm. This posed problems as I had work at 8AM the next day. But I did it. Cause I'm a good friend like that.

And that’s about it. In the cards for this week: Jill's Birthday tomorrow; Newberry's, paycheck and heavy drinking on Friday.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

So, Matt, you are bored, tired and getting fat. Welcome to the world of working for a living.

Look at your dad. He is always tired and very obesely fat with high cholesterol levels, taking medication for the rest of his life. He used to be a star athlete and now all he can do is mow the lawn on Saturday. Poor guy

Here's the answer, GET UP AND MOVE!!

Have a good day.


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