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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Football Reflecitons: What The Hell is Going On Edition

- I love the Patricks. So friendly, so accomadating, so willing to give me food right before a game. Its truely awesome. Nothing better than after a day of slaving over a hot grill than walking to a tailgate right next to the stadium, being welcomed with a cold bottle of water and a cold can of beer, and then being pointed to a table full of some amazing food. Plus it helps that they're nice and funny too.

- I'll start chanting Tebow's name when he actually, you know, throws a ball. He can run, great for him. When he can do what Leak did at the end of the second quarter, or throw a ball 40 yards for a touchdown, like Leak did at the beginning of the first, I'll yell his name. Until then, cheer for Leak, because he deserves it. Look at these stats: Tied for 1st in Touchdowns (12), number 4 for QB Rating, number 8 in yardage (1066). He broke two UF career records at this game, and he'll break total yardage (most likely) by the end of the season. So shut up. I want to hear more Leak chants next week. Make it happen.

- We seem to have problems in our secondary. They can't seem to cover recievers very well. And we seem to have problems committing to tackles. We touch whoever has the ball, we bump them, but actually bringing them to the ground presents problems. Just throwing out an idea here, but maybe we can work on this.

- Marcus Thomas, please come back. Please? We did fine without him once the D-Line got used to the new lineup in the second half, but still, we can really use him. I think its feasible, if not likely, that the tale he's telling the appeals board is possible. Three conditions determine the amount of time THC stays in your system. The first is body size. Thomas is a large guy, making the THC stay in his system longer. The second is dehydration. If you get dehydrated often, the THC stays longer. Thomas plays football in Florida in August and September. The third is chronic use. If you use pot often, it takes longer for it all to clear. I'm theorizing that this time in the summer was not his first time (note for libel lawyers: I don't know for sure. I'm just speculating). So hopefully he'll be back by LSU.

- Where the hell did that trick play come from, and can we do things like that more often? It was awesome.

- You know, I think the Gators now need to be behind. It focuses the team. Last year, the year before, when we got behind we paniced. Now we buckle down and do what needs to be done in a completely calm and professional manner. That 70-odd yard drive at the end of the 1st half was completely amazing. And once Kentucky pulled ahead, the entire team suddenly pulled together and made the game happen.


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