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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reflections on Football: Heart-Pounding Edition

- I know this is becoming rote at this point, but being Grill Master is still awesome. I do have to say I like propane grills better, as they're just so damn easy. Also, I'm glad I told Matt and Mark to get better burgers, as now we get to use actual ground beef.

- Can I just say how glad I am that Notre Dame got the shit pounded out of them? I always thought they were overrated, and the loss to Michigan proves it. Maybe now that this Charlie Wiess suckoff that had been going on in the media is over, we can start talking about, I don't know, maybe the Florida Gators.

- Watching this game nearly gave me a heart attack. It probably didn't help that I was watching it with Oded and Shawn, two of the most excitable about sports people I know. When something bad happened, the entire room felt like every person was getting their intestines slowly pulled out. When something good happened, Oded started teabagging Shawn. Clothed luckily, but really, there’s nothing to help get a room more pumped up than a nice round of teabagging.

- I'm not really writing too much about the team today, as I can only repeat what more talented writers have said before: We're tough, we have a running back, Leak is good, Baker 'hits back.' It seems that the entire sports writing world is engrossed with the prospect that, yes, bad calls are occasionally made. I think the Gator Nation figured this out around this time of year two years ago. But of course, when it happens to Oklahoma, its big news.

- I will say this: A co-worker mentioned that on a radio show, many people were pissed off that Leak slid on that third down, meaning UF had to go for it on a 4 and 1. Yeah, he did slide. He made one bad decision (one that was corrected the next play) in a game that was nearly perfect. He leads the nation in touchdown passes and efficiency. So once again: Everybody, shut the hell up.


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