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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Truth, by the scoop or pint

In my epic battle to stave off boredom, I found something very exciting on the interwebs. Please tell me this is true:

I got this off of The No Fact Zone, a Colbert Report fansite, and they had one other interesting tidbit: a memo from Ben and Jerry's, which does not explicitly say that this is a joke:

Hey, DB. Thanks for the note.

Sorry if my SPAM filter blocked out the last one… it stops any incoming mail from users identified as a hard-core, right-wing Colbert fans. I had to - after a flurry of emails from Rush Limbaugh. We couldn’t get rid of the guy!

In terms of making Stephen Colbert a flavor, I can honestly say: it doesn’t really sound that appealing to anyone does it?

Sure it COULD be a Patriotic mix of strawberry, blueberry and (American not French) vanilla flavors, striped in the pint with chocolate stars…

or perhaps Republican Nut, with each pint lovingly sampled by Dick Cheney to insure product quality.

However, I think we may be a bit premature. We should have new flavor information available my mid April. Can we touch base then?

For now - if I were you, I would focus my attention - and direct your devoted readers - to a much more serious subject and threat to all humankind: bears.

From your full-service P.R. Department…

Sean Greenwood

Ben & Jerry’s P.R. Guy

This is going to make me happy for the rest of the day. Yay!


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