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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Football Reflections: Redemption

- I want to know why we didn't start chanting "Hey Bama, We Just Kicked Your Ass." It would have been sweet.

- I don't have a whole lot to say about our defense that can't be summed up by this post from Every Day Should Be Saturday (probably the funniest UF blog around). Reggie Nelson is indeed a man beyond all other men. If you need more proof of this, feast your eyes apon this:

- Not a whole lot to talk about this week, as the UF/Bama game was a fairly well played game. The Offense took some time to click completely, but once they did, everything worked out just fine. Our defense is dominating. Now comes the real test.

- Just about every person who can pick is choosing LSU to win the game on Saturday. I don't think UF will lose. Here's why:

1. Last year, we lost to LSU by 4. This was in Baton Rouge.

2. LSU gave us 5 turnovers, the only problem was that the Gator offense was unable to do anything with these turnovers as the LSU defense was suffocating.

3. The LSU team this year is about as good as they were last year. There haven't been any huge changes in either offense or defense.

4. The Gator team, however, is much improved. Much more nimble, adaptable, and much much tougher.

5. UF's offense can take a while to get rolling, but we seem to make very good halftime adjustments. So if we don't make any costly turnovers and our defense is able to hold LSU to within ten before the half, we'll be able to take over in the 3rd and 4th quarters

6. Its homecoming, which gives our players the extra morale boost to push them over the top.

So Says Matt


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