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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Have A Favor to Ask of You...

Don't let me drink. No really, don't let it happen.

This rule not only applies to the Arcadia Rodeo, but to my body too.

I have my Navy physical on the morning of October 13th. Its not required, but it would be great if I could weigh in at a good weight. Technically, I'm supposed to be 186 pounds, but with my body structure, being 195 would probably be perfect (I keep getting conflicting information, but I think I really need to be down to 22% bodyfat).

I'm working out, I'm eating well (and less), but there is one thing I haven't stopped doing: Drinking. I only do it on the weekend, but that's probably a thousand calories that I don't need to consume.

So please, if I'm out with you, hanging out at your house, at a party with you, make sure I don't drink. If you see a beer in my hand, you can punch me in the balls (yes, Cush, this time its OK for you to punch me there). If you see me doing a shot, slap it out of my hand, maybe pour it in my eyes. One exception: this weekend, Oded has an awesome drinking/tailgating game that should only take one shot. I will make that sacrifice, but only because its for the Gators.

So this:

Drinking of Flaming Doctor Peppers befor the inaugural Drink Marathon? Yeah, that has to stop. Though if I get that thin again, It'll be on once more.

And this:

Drinking till I pass out on my friend's fiance's shoulder after winning National Championships? Can't happen. Don't let it happen. I'm counting on you.

And of course, this:

The taking of shots? Not gonna happen. And getting that fat again? Also not gonna happen.

Hopefully, I'll be able to drink again in moderation after the 13th, but most likely, I won't be drinking till mid-November. I need everyone's help with this, so please, please, don't let me drink. The fate of the world depends on you. And just think: Thats more for you to drink!

I would also like to thank Alice for giving me this advice, who is as smart as she is beautiful. And if anyone knows about the physiological affects of drinking, its her.

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